A Booklet for Early Learning

I've been working with a friend of mine this term who is a paediatric speech pathologist. We've written a program that we've been running at the local community centre called "Early Learners". It's a play-based language and learning program based around open ended activities that are lots of fun and help children to experiment, explore and learn.

We've put 20 of our favourite activities into a booklet. Each activity uses simple items that you would find around the home or could buy cheaply and is written up in a recipe format that it is easy read and follow. We've also included some tips on things you can say as a parent to promote learning and development. But the best thing about these activities is that, for the most part, you can set up the play and go away, knowing that your child is engaging in play that promotes learning and development. The tips can be used when you check in to see how things are going.

The activities are really simple ideas like different ways to paint and dramatic play scenes to set up for your child to play in. But what makes them so valuable is that it's simple, basic open-ended play experiences that children stay involved in and get the most developmental benefits from.

The booklet costs $15 AU plus $2 p&h within Australia or $5 for overseas postage. If you're interested in purchasing a copy, you could leave a comment or contact me via my email - belinda.butler@optusnet.com.au

*Apologies if you've emailed me about the booklet and I haven't replied, I've been having problems with my email address and haven't received them or any comments. If you'd still like a copy of the booklet, we have a limited number left, please email me at belinda.butler@optusnet.com.au


  1. The book has been such a great reference guide for me Belinda! Sometimes I need prompts to help me think of stimulating activities for my preschooler to play with and this has given me so many ideas.

  2. Hi Belinda
    Can you please send me an email regarding how i can purchase your book. slars21@eq.edu.au
    Cheers Shannon

  3. Hi Belinda,
    I'm very interested is your book. Can you please send me an email if it is still possible to purchase the book? g.schreiner@cedgroep.nl ; Netherlands; Europe

  4. Hi Belinda
    If this booklet still exists could you please send me an email on how to purchase this booklet to michelle_blower@hotmail.com.
    Thank you
    Michelle Dodd

  5. Can you make this available for download?

  6. Hi belinda,
    I would like to buy a copy of your booklet early leaners activities but when I tried to contact by email message was returned. How can I buy it please ?

  7. sorry forgot to give u my email moonaree@ozemail.com.au

  8. Please email me with purchase details brendamoz@gmail.com