Learning During the Holidays

I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! I really, really do. I love just ordinary hanging around the house holidays, but I especially love the getting away kind.

These holidays we headed up to the Gold Coast to stay at the Sea World Resort for 2 nights and then went up even further to Port Douglas.

Fun at Sea World

My kids are at the perfect age for Sea World and we had a great time. The Resort wasn't as luxurious and beautiful as I would have hoped, but it is super kid-friendly and also super close to the park which came in very handy when we needed a break from all the fun.

Port Douglas is glorious and we spent almost every day at the beach and the pool. We also ran into some old friends up there which was a nice surprise.

Beautiful Port Douglas

What I love about the holidays is how slow and easy they can be. It's the perfect time to read, relax, reflect and learn. We learned a lot over the holidays ....

Ed learned
  • How to put his head under water and swim without floaties
  • "Big Bounce" is a fun, fun game (even by yourself)
  • Birthday money does eventually run out; and
  • He can put together big Lego kits all by himself

Em learned
  • How to take her earrings out for the first time
  • The buffet dinner was made for her
  • She really, really loves dolphins and wants to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up; and
  • Her Mum can become quite competitive when playing "Piggy in the Middle"
The dolphin that won Em's heart

I learned  ...
Interesting Crocodile facts like ....
  • Mother crocodiles only look after their young for around three months and if they haven't left the nest by then they may get eaten!!
  • Crocodiles can jump out of the water and bite boats!! (I didn't learn this first hand thankfully!)
  • They are always hunting and planning to eat the smallest thing they can see (this is when I held Ed tightly on my lap!!)

I also remembered some things I'd forgotten like .....

  • Scary rides make me scared!
  • I love having no schedule
  • The beach is the best
  • Good weather really makes me happy
  • Old friends can make you laugh and laugh and laugh
  • Mountains are peaceful
  • I hate hungry seagulls; and
  • I think my husband is just ace  
The beautiful Gold Coast beach, my 'ace' husband and my girl

And then I saw some things that I hadn't noticed before like .....
  • Ed can write quite a lot and is much better at sticking up for himself then he used to be and
  • Em is maturing and blossoming more and more everyday. She is turning into a lovely young lady.

All in all a very good time was had and I still feel that relaxed, happy, peaceful glow I felt just a few days into the trip. What could be better than spending uninterrupted time with my amazing family in paradise? Right now I say nothing!

Hope your holidays were just as good. Did you learn anything special?