More Everyday Play "You Tube" Videos

I've finally put the three play ideas segments onto You Tube that I presented on "9am wih David and Kim" last year. The video you can watch was originally presented as 3 different segments over 3 weeks. I have been trying for months to separate them and put them on You Tube separately, but have finally given up and decided to put them all on together, one after the other.

I love these segments. I feel a little awkward watching myself, but love seeing the video of my little ones when they were much, much younger. I wrote and presnted these segments on my own and given it was only my second time in front of a real life TV camera, I don't think I did too badly (if I do say so myself!). They also include some lovely, simple, everyday play ideas too.

You can watch the videos by clicking here or by clicking on the bottom video image in the side bar.

No (Dramatic Play) Toys for Boys

My Ed is big into dramatic play at the moment. He talks a lot about pretending and reflects a lot on what his dad and dads in general do. You can see him ticking over, processing the role men play as dads and what that means for him as a boy. This is one of the primary roles of dramatic play and it's lovely to see it in action in my cherished one.

I'm so frustrated at the lack of range of dramatic play toys for my him though. He gets terribly strange looks when he pushes his teddy around in his sisters' pram while we're out for a walk and he has begged me for his own pram. Problem is, I can't find one. I know the colour and style isn't really important and the fact that he's still happy to push it around proves that it's not, but it would be nice to have access to dramatic play toys that aren't so gender specific.

Why can't a kid's pram just be a pram without frills and flounces. Same goes for play cribs and blankets and pillows and dolls' clothes. In an age when men play a bigger role than ever in child rearing, wouldn't it be great if our boys could confidently play out this role without all the toys available being marketed to girls?!

There, that's my rant over .... the hunt continues ..