No (Dramatic Play) Toys for Boys

My Ed is big into dramatic play at the moment. He talks a lot about pretending and reflects a lot on what his dad and dads in general do. You can see him ticking over, processing the role men play as dads and what that means for him as a boy. This is one of the primary roles of dramatic play and it's lovely to see it in action in my cherished one.

I'm so frustrated at the lack of range of dramatic play toys for my him though. He gets terribly strange looks when he pushes his teddy around in his sisters' pram while we're out for a walk and he has begged me for his own pram. Problem is, I can't find one. I know the colour and style isn't really important and the fact that he's still happy to push it around proves that it's not, but it would be nice to have access to dramatic play toys that aren't so gender specific.

Why can't a kid's pram just be a pram without frills and flounces. Same goes for play cribs and blankets and pillows and dolls' clothes. In an age when men play a bigger role than ever in child rearing, wouldn't it be great if our boys could confidently play out this role without all the toys available being marketed to girls?!

There, that's my rant over .... the hunt continues ..


  1. I hear you! I finally found a Maclaren pram for my son that is navy with a green plaid contrast - no frills, just a good, plain pram. This is the twin version, I have the single (sorry, best I could find)

    And for everything else, I make it myself. Dress up outfits, cushions, doll clothes, play cloths, a play kitchen (don't get me started on those awful pink plastic things). I bought a second hand chest of pine drawers for $20 that I'm in the process of turning into a non-gender specific, unpainted, beeswaxed, attractive play kitchen for my son and daughter for christmas.

    A few friends have told me I should start a business making and selling all the open-ended, natural, creative toys that I make for my son. Now, if I could just find a couple of extra hours in the day I would do it!

  2. As far as dramatic play for boys, I can give you some ideas, as we had the same issue with finding things for my two sons...the Haba Walker wagon is in dark blue and kind of is like a pram...very plain, little wooden is usually quite pricey but I found ours at a consignment store for around $5.
    Plan Toys makes great City sets that are wooden and don't look too girly...we like the airport, the bus station, the garage, and the city buildings. They all have natural wood with some primary colored accents here and there.
    We have several play sets from Playmobil that work well with boys...African Savannah sets, farm and zoo sets, etc. Again, these are nice for both boys and girls.
    Keep your eyes peeled at consignment stores and even places like thrift shops, as many of the toys that actually are gender neutral or that look like they were made more for a boy than a girl end up being marked very low, as most everyone else out there seems to be looking for princess and mermaid themed dramatic play items.
    In addition to the awesome deal on the Haba Walker wagon and the Plan toys items, we also got a great Little Tikes kitchen play set that has a sink you can fill with water. Again, since it was in cream with some blue and brown accents, it was not selling at the store so they happily sold it to me for $15. and it was in "like new" condition...

    Have a happy week and hope that this is helpful,
    Hope that this is helpful...

  3. Yep, I'm with you on this one too. I like Plan's toys - we have a great wooden shopping trolley from Plan which Mr 2 loves pushing around (and I've also purchased the Plan tea set for him for Christmas). I think wood is the way to go, as wooden toys are usually (though not always) gender neutral.