Playdough fun!

My daughter was itching to get her hands into some playdough this week. I didn't think i had any until i stumbled across a batch i had made a couple of months ago when researching an article i wrote for "Mother & Baby". I couldn't believe how long it had lasted!!

I decided to leave it up to her to decide what she wanted to put with her playdough and this is what she chose -
  • her plastic teaset

  • some cookie cutters

  • some plastic yoghurt containers she found in our 'household items that might be fun for play" box

  • a container of small 'googly' eyes

  • patty pans

  • old candles

I was a little reluctant to let her play with the candles after hearing a story from a friend about how she nearly burnt down their house with a candle-making kit when she was six years old - but the candles were allowed and the activity was strictly supervised by Nanna who was inundated with birthday cupcakes and fancy food!!

The 'googly' eyes were a great addition - wish i'd thought of them myself. They turned ordinary cookie cut outs into extraordinary playdough creatures, helping the imaginative play along.

The kids played for a really long time on our deck. They almost didn't want to go visiting friends they had so much fun.

My daughter's imagination was in full swing - and the boy even joined in too!

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