Magazine Articles in July and Missing in Action!

I have another article in "Practical Parenting" this month. It's all about "Busy Boxes" and how putting together a selection of open-ended materials for your child to explore can trigger creativity and development. It's a subject very dear to my heart.

My "Mother & Baby" article is still out too!

My posts have been very few and far between for the last month. I've just taken the kids on a road trip all on my lonesome and while we survived (and had a really great time), my time has been spent preparing for our trip, enjoying our time together and then, for the last week, recovering (and washing!). I have much to report on what I planned to keep the kids busy, so will reveal more details in the next few days.


  1. Love your writing! You seem to have been writing for PP for quite a while. Can I ask how you got into writing for mags...?

  2. Hi Squigglemum,
    I've been trying to send you an email via your webpage to answer your question, but it seems your contact link isn't working, so i hope you get this response .... My very first article with PP, I didn't get paid for. I wrote an article and sent it in with a brief description of who I am and what I had done. I was lucky enough to get a positive response and the work has just grown from there.

  3. Hello! Thanks for letting me know about the contact link... hmmm, better investigate that one quick! Congrats on your writing success. I am doing a lot of "voluntary" writing on and offline, and am just not quite sure how to break into paid work. Thanks for sharing your experience. Cath (SquiggleMum).

  4. No worries Cath. I once got a tip from a deputy editor that the work they use from freelance writers needs to have a bit of an extra edge to it. She said that it needed to be a piece that the magazine couldn't write for themselves ...don't know if that helps. Good Luck!