'Zingo'!, It's Another Giveaway!

I have a good friend who is a huge party plan fan. I've been dragged along to candle parties and linen parties and there's even a lingerie party on the horizon. Not that I mind. That's what friends are for after all. But last Friday I went along to a get-together for 'The Learning Ladder', and I really liked what I saw.

According to the 'About Us' part of their website,
The Learning Ladder is one of Australia’s best and most-respected educational direct sales companies, and is a wholly owned company of the Pearson Australia Pty Ltd.

We are dedicated to the business of introducing parents to books, toys, games and puzzles that offer children of all ages wonderful opportunities for exploration, discovery, play, fun and learning. We also offer an irresistible range of family reference books and books for parents.

So you can probably guess why I was so interested. The catalogue is really outstanding, with lots of great resource, information and story books for young children as well as fantastic toys and games that promote learning and development. They source their books from the publishers who work under their umbrella - well-respected names like Penguin, Puffin, Ladybird and DK.

So, what did I buy? I bought a school dictionary aimed at children aged 5-8. I thought we would use it a lot in our house. Em will love reading the meanings of the words and Ed will love the tables of information in the back. It had a lot of lists in the back of things childen find interesting - colours, seasons etc. I know he'll really enjoy looking at the words and matching them with the pictures.

Then I got these resource books because they hold lots of information that both my kids will find interesting and the photos are really eye-catching and dynamic. 'WOW Earth' is by John Woodward and 'WOW Animals' is by Richard Walker. The photos in these books will get my boy in and the interesting information will make my girl happy.

I also bought this great fun game that we played on the day. It's called 'Zingo' and as the catalogue says, 'it's Bingo with a Zing!'. I know my kids will really enjoy this game. They love to play games by themselves and the simple format of this one will allow them to organise and play it on their own. It also has clear pictures and words, which both Em and Ed will be able to easily decipher.

Jade Lam is a long time reader of 'everyday play' and is also an Independent Advisor with 'The Learning Ladder'. She has generously donated a copy of 'Zingo'(RRP $36.50) as well as a 'Tiny Rockers:Car' (RRP $12.95) book to give away to a lucky reader of my blog. To be in the running to receive this great gift, please leave a comment below. The give-away will run until next Friday the 7th of May at 5.00pm EST and is open to Australian residents only.

If you're interested in booking a presentation, fundraising enquiries, business opportunities or even one off orders with 'The Learning Ladder', you can email Jade at jade@donnielam.com or contact her through her great blog (it's well worth a read) play.learn.love . You can have a look at 'The Learning Ladder' catalogue yourself by clicking here .


  1. wow that sounds grea -= I am not usually a fan of party plans but that one actually looks great

  2. Oh I love the learning ladder books & toys. I went to a party when my twins were babies.The books are still a favourite.
    Zingo sounds like good fun for almost 4 yr olds...

  3. Zingo sounds like a great game. I'm actually going to a Learning Ladder party in a couple of weeks.

  4. I am always looking for ways to introduce information to the children. The dictionary sounds great!

    I have just read your next post about "we play" Thanks for the link! So many great ideas there!!!

  5. I've never heard of them... but a brief look at the catalogue has convinced me I need to know about this! Perhaps a party near Christmas? I agree the dictionary looks great... just need my kids to grow into it.
    Thanks for opportunity to be in a give away!
    Caroline E