Two of Our Favourite (Play) Things

Em and Ed both have teddies that they adore. This is Hamley (Em's teddy on the right) and Yarji (pronounced Yar-gee,on the left, who belongs to Ed). I have posted about Hamley before, when, after a trip to the craft store, Em came up with a new outfit for him. Well, there have been many outfits in-between, but I couldn't resist this photo yesterday, after the children had dressed their bears ready to go to Em's pretend school.

We have a small suitcase full of teddy clothes that I have collected on my trips over the years. I just love coming accross little things to add to the collection because teddy clothes are generally pretty hard to find. We have some great hand-made cardigans and beanies and my mum knitted the little scarves you can see above. My favourite find would have to be these teddy underpants I found at the local market. The children love them too.

I often call these two teddies my other children. They go everywhere with us, they are involved in a lot of the children's games, they are an absolute necessity at bedtime and as you can see, I shop for them as though they belonged to me.

They both have their own little voices and personalities too. "Hamley" can be a bit short tempered and only likes to eat "cakes and lollies and biscuits" which results in Em having to encourage him to control his temper and constantly educate him about nutrition. "Yarji" can be easily frightened and is often a little cheeky when he's meant to be behaving himself. Ed is constantly reassuring him when he's scared and reminding him how to behave.

So they are not only great friends and companions, encouraging comfort, thoughtfulness and empathy, but also great teaching and learning tools as well.

Does your child have a furry friend they wouldn't be without?

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  1. we have 2 extra children too - but they look much more worn that your two youngest :)
    Its funny though they are not the two toys I would have chosen for them as they were both gifts - One is a pink rag doll and the other a little black and brown dog - I love them both but do worry that I have never seen one like them so could never replace them if anything happened. "Polly" the dolly has had hair replacements and is becoming very thread bare :)

  2. Belinda I absolutely love that your kids help their teddies through the emotional rough patches that teddies are inclined to have, it's beautiful!
    We have two of the same teddies for Miss Mimi, number one she named the oh so original "Teddy" and number two gets called "Nada Teddy" because "Nada" is how she used to pronounce "another" so at bedtime you would here.."Where is Teddy and Nada Teddy?" :)

  3. Immy has a whole host of soft toys who play all manner of games with us, in fact she has been dragging around two bunnies since Tuesday morning. I always like to see other children who play with soft toys as so many children don't seem to. Immy loves them, though her favourites change regularly.
    Oh, and I love their outfits, especially the knitted ones. Precious.

  4. My 6 year old has 5 "pets" who sleep with him every night, and often end up at school as well! I love the outfits & descriptions of your kids teddies - will have to ask Mr 6 more about his pets.

  5. It's great to hear about other people's 'extra children'. I think soft toys are really important in the development of social and emotional skills. Thanks for sharing you sweet stories about your child's favourite friends. I'm interested to hear what Mr 6 has to say about his pets!