We Play - With Matchboxes and Tiny Things

I bought some matchboxes from the craft store quite a few months ago now and Ed found them the other day while he was going through one of our toy cupboards.

He stuffed the matchbox with some other tiny treasures he found and came to find me. I had to guess what was in the matchbox. In the beginning, he made it multiple choice. Once I'd guessed correctly a couple of times, he changed the rules so that I got no clues.

Realising this was something he was quite taken by, I quickly collected up some more tiny treasures and displayed them near where he was originally playing.

You can see in the photo I gave him some buttons, pom poms, fairy stones, small babies, nuts and bolts and some small pieces of felt that we had cut up to use as baby blankets.

He kept playing the guessing game for almost half an hour and then got a few of his dump trucks out to carry the small items around as 'loads'.

With these little lovelies he was giving his development a workout too. He was building on his:
- fine motor and manipulative skills
- eye-hand co-ordination
- language skills
- ability to develop strategy
- problem solving

Little things are so much fun!

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We Play


  1. I love how you gently evolve the play for you little ones.

  2. The guesing part reminds me that Princess was hiding things in half of a box with a tea towel on top and getting me to guess what was in them. From there we moved to hiding various objects under the towel and playing "guess what's missing?" when we uncovered it again.

    Memory games are very popular in this house. In fact, we are playing one as I type LOL. Don't think I will win!

  3. My girls love little things too, we have many collections scatter throughout various rooms of the house. I have to be super careful not to vacuum any little treasures up by mistake.

  4. Tha't's so cute! I liked how you gently directed the play by providing more materials for him... :)

  5. I have a thing for collecting little boxes. Three of my grandsons also have this collection gene. For Christmas each year I give them each a small box with something interesting in it. There is usually enough room to put a few other little treasures in the boxes during the year. Next time I am at one of their homes we will drag the boxes out and try your guessing game.

  6. What great collections, Immy is always pulling buttons, pom poms and bits and pieces out of my craft supplies for her creations. Oh, and today she was raiding my jewelry box and managed to find all sorts of little bits and pieces there too - luckily none of them are actually worth anything! LOL