Setting Up Lego Play

Lego has been the toy of choice here over the last couple of days. I haven't met many kids over the years who don't love playing with those cheerful, colourful, perfectly-sized little blocks.

The benefits of building with Lego are enormous. It
- works the fine motor muscles really, really well
- develops eye-hand co-ordination and spatial awareness
- builds on planning skills
- helps concentration
- brings attention to detail
- works pre-literacy skills when kids follow instructions to build something specific
- can be a wondeful medium for building imaginative play elements

I like to set it up like this.

I find it is much easier to find specific pieces when I take a few minutes to put the Lego into baskets and plastic containers. That means there's not a massive bucketful tipped out all over the floor and the kids don't need to break out of their creative momentum to go searching. That leaves more time for building, learning and fun!


  1. Your blog is gorgeous, Belinda!

  2. I LOVE this idea. We've got a big picnic basket that we store all our lego in but my girls do find it overwhelming and I get sick to death of cleaning lego up off the floor - in fact just the other day I gave my nephew a broom to sweep up the lego rather than pick it up :D

    Such a brilliant idea, I'm going to tweet it and share it on Facebook.

  3. We're just getting into Lego here. Brings back many childhood memories for me. But goodness! Storing them! Great tips here.

  4. Megan - thanks for your kind words, glad you like it.

    Marita - cleaning up Lego is so annoying - and it hurts! I have had many Lego bumps and scratches. Thanks for sharing my idea ...

    Fun Mum - I'm sure you have many years of Lego fun ahead of you. Hope this tip saves you some frustration and cleaning up

    Belinda x