What's a Doctor to do?

Sure, it's great fun to dress up as a doctor, put once the coat's been put on and the stethoscope's in place, the Doctor needs something to do!

The obvious thing is to see some patients, but that can't be done in the middle of a lounge room - not very professional at all!!

Dr Emily decided to put together her own surgery (with a bit of help from me of course!)

We got an old phone to make appointments, an upside down biscuit tray to use as the keyboard (when you push down on it, it makes crunchy, buttony sounds like a real keyboard) and an ice cream container as the computer screen.

Then we made a waiting room complete with magazines for the furry patients waiting to see the doctor.

Then we filled her doctor's bag with band aids, bandages, empty medicine bottles, medicine cups and medicine syringes.

When she was finished, there was not an ill soft toy in sight!

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