Where Have I Been?

Well, I wasn't back on October 10 with another "Play Moment Monday", was I?

I enjoyed my bloggy break way too much. Life is just so simple when I only have to think about family and friends and housework and cooking and gardening. It's a little 1950s I know, but since I've had kids, I've really let go of the desire to "have it all".

Studying feminist politics at uni did make me want it all and made me believe it was possible. But now, I don't "want it all", I just want the time and space to enjoy what I've got, and I'm a lucky, lucky girl. I've got a lot.

The truth is, there will always be writing, but my kids will only be little for such a short amount of time and I don't want to miss a second.

My best memories as a child are when people took the time to really see me and listen to me and value me. I want to give my children as many of those memories as possible.

Sure, it's important I take time for myself too and I know that. It makes me feel stronger and re-charged and in the end it makes me a better mum. I'm actually heading to Adelaide tomorrow for two nights by myself for the first time and I'll miss the kids terribly, but I know it will be great for all of us.

And I'm so grateful for the work I've done over the last few years and the friends I've made through my blog. There are so many wonderful women out there with an amazing amount of knowledge and ideas. I like that in a small way I'm contributing to that.

But when I feel pulled and tugged in different directions, and I'm tired and snappy and not giving the kids the attention and time they deserve, when I can't be in the moment with them and enjoy all of their lovely ways, it's time to pull back on everything else and get those wonderful, warm, mindful, mummy feelings again.

So, I did take a long break and I might again. You'll have to forgive me, but I hope you'll keep on reading. Ed heads off to school next year, so who knows what adventures that may bring, but the kids will keep coming first, I'm the only mum they've got, they have to.


  1. Completely understand - I'm in a bit of a blogging break myself. I'm concentrating on finding balance and peace in our lives and it seems that blogging was one of the first things to just fall by the wayside. I'm now deleting a lot of blogs on my reading list because I just don't want to feel like I have to read them all!

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I know what you mean. It's that constant search for balance isn't it? There are just too many good things to read and do ..

  3. I feel the same way. We should always make time for things that are important. Sort your priorities out and all that! These little things make life worth living.