Book Review: Little Hoot

The kids and I have just been enjoying this great book called "Little Hoot". It's written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.
Like most little people, Little Hoot doesn’t like bedtime. What makes this story a different is, in the world of owls, children don’t go to bed early. Little Hoot doesn’t like bedtime because he has to stay up too late! He hates staying up late, he's tired. He doesn’t want to play all night, he wants to go to bed early like all his friends. "No" says mum, "you need to stay up for one more hour!"

This is a lovely, fun book. There are lots of little quirks in the way the book is illustrated and the language used is playful and sweet.

My kids love this story because it’s the opposite of what they always say. It makes my 6 year old giggle at the thought of Little Hoot liking the opposite to what he likes and it makes my 9 year old stop and think about the role of perspective in defining our experience of things. Pre-schoolers will love the mixed up world the owls live in and if you’re lucky, they might even pretend to be owls and enjoy an early bedtime, even if it’s just for one night!

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