What I Would Say to New-Mum-Me

Em turned 10 a couple of weeks ago. It's been a time of reflection. 

I keep thinking, what would I tell that poor, frightened, sick, anxious, mess of a mother I was when little Em came along all those years ago? Here are  some things I've come up with:

  • Get your act together, this is normal, this is just what having kids is. It will all come together.
  • Stop trying to breastfeed, it's making your child hungry and is literally driving you insane.
  • Bond with that baby and love her no matter what. Do whatever it takes to do that, the rest will work itself out.
  • Realize how strong and capable you are.
  • Start enjoying her, she's lovely.
  • She'll be big before you know it and she'll love you so much.
  • Accept the good times and the bad, they all pass.
  • Have some time for yourself, the baby will be ok.
  • Embrace being a mother it's the best thing you'll ever do.
  • Let go of who you were, you'll never be that person again, but you'll be bigger, stronger, wiser and more alive.
  • Make some friends and get some help.
  • Don't take on too many things, being a mother takes up a lot of time and that's ok.
  • Forget what everyone else is doing and saying, no-one has ever mothered YOUR child before.
  • When you have 2 kids, you still find the strength to manage.
  • Be kind to yourself, it all turns out ok ....

What would you say to your New-Mum-Self if you had the chance?


  1. Stop trying breastfeed? all others agree on

  2. I know that one is a little controversial and I do absolutely believe that breast feeding is the best start you can give your little one. For me personally, it was causing me a lot of mental anguish and preventing me from enjoying and bonding with my daughter. I wish I could have done it without the emotional toll it took on my family but I couldn't. When I eventually did stop, it was a huge relief and things fell into place after that.

  3. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with breastfeeding. For me it was the best experience of motherhood.

  4. Breast feeding didn't go well with me either, and looking back well, there's so much more to motherhood than that!

  5. nice work keep it up