Car Washes and Barbie Baths

It was such a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne today and Em had a friend over to play. We headed outdoors and the girls were itching to get their hands a little messy so I set up some Barbie washing for them to do.

I used
- a plastic basin I picked up from a $2 shop
- water
- a couple of facewashers and handtowels
- some hotel soaps my husband collected from one of his many overseas trips
(I knew they would come in handy one day!)
- travel toothbrushes collected on one of the above mentioned trips
- a few cotton tips
- some plastic shot glasses bought from the supermarket
- a variety of Barbies
- our plastic outdoor tables purchased from a discount store for around $10

I basically set the whole thing up and then just left them to it. Em and her friend played for over an hour while I got into some much needed gardening.

Ed wanted in on the act too so I gave him the same materials (minus the Barbies!) and he collected up some of his favourite cars to clean.

We had a lovely morning playing, talking, washing, imagining and gardening

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