Teddy Bear Dress Ups

Hamley Bear is my little girl's favourite friend in the world and one of her favourite ways to keep busy is to dress him up and create things for him to do (as you can see in the title bar above!)

On the weekend we made a trip to Spotlight to collect up some goodies for the school holidays and we discovered a small range of teddy bear accessories. I couldn't resist a pair of round spectacles for our furry friend. When i first spotted them, I was in hysterics at the thought of him wearing them. "Hamley could be a professor!" Em exclaimed - she was excited too! At $1.75, we could not go past them.

Then we spotted a cowboy hat - Hamley size! I thought it would be another great dress-up prop for Hams and I thought Em would have fun decorating it too.

So we headed home with our treasures (and a few other bits and pieces). The glasses and hat went on to Hamley as soon as we got home and the glasses looked fantastic - he hasn't taken them off since - it reminds me of the time we found a pair of handmade doll's knickers for 50c at a market and Hamley wore them for a good month before they were taken off! - anyway, I digress. He really looked great in his glasses.

The hat on the other hand looked more Mardi Gras than Wild West, but Em turned it sideways so it looked like a sun hat and Hamley looked like a Grandpa ready to whittle some wood. Em then made him a walking stick out of a straw, and Hamley was set. We haven't even got around to decorating the hat properly yet. I guess that might come this week some time.

By the way, we still haven't got around to dyeing the eggs I mentioned a few entries ago. I have been on the hunt for white eggs. Does anyone know why they are so hard to find?

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