A "Play" Moment

Don't you just love it when you stumble accross a play scene that your kids have set up?

I know I do and I love it even more when you take a closer look and see a real insight into the way kid's minds work. Just the simplest scene can show such a depth of understanding or empathy or compassion. I always take a moment to stop and say "aaaah".

I want to share some more of these moments this year.

Here's one of my favourites from over the holidays.

It shows a game that a little boy and girl were playing together. A little girl who loves baby dolls and a little boy who love cars. Both children love having something to cuddle ........

I love how neatly the bed is set up. That they've remembered to give the baby a pillow and to set up all the things baby will need around her. I also love that they've tucked a little toy car under her arm to cuddle. It shows beautifully how kids can care, understand and show empathy - and how they can use their combined interests to work together.

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