Settling In

Isn't it a big adjustment settling back into the new Kinder/School year?

After a couple of months of virtually no routine and very few appointments or obligations, I'm finding it a little hard to get back into the swing of things, I must say.

I'm not the only one. Ed is currently having a much needed nap as I write this and Em has been quite tired and cranky too. You'd think after 6 weeks off they'd be feeling nice and refreshed, but the truth of the matter is, after having a large amount of time of being able to go at their own pace and follow their own rhythms, getting back to the demands of school and Kindergarten routines can take it's toll.

I try to be really mindful of this in the first term and make sure I allow plenty of time for Ed to nap if he needs it and also lots of time for uninterrupted, open-ended play. We don't do much after school either. While this annoys my social butterfly a little (I'm greeted every day with "What are we doing after school?!). I know it's best for her overall well-being if she's not rushing around everywhere and she can just come home, have something good to eat, and play and create as and how and when she wants to.

How are you settling in at your place?

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