The Teddy Bears Are In Practical Parenting

My article in "Practical Parenting" this month is all about craft ideas to inspire dramatic play with your child's teddy. Any regular reader of my blog will know this is a subject very near and dear to my heart.

My kids both have teddy bears that they love and adore and have had since they were babies.

These teddies are the inspiration for many of their dramatic play games.

When Em was 2, I found a great way to inspire her with an art and craft project was to encourage her to make something for her Teddy, Hamley. The very first thing she made was a shoe box bed for him that we still have to this day.

Ed has followed in her footsteps making many things for his teddy Yarji.

When the magazine asked me if I had any photos of the craft projects I'd written about, I couldn't miss the opportunity to include my 2 small furry family members in the shoot.

The magazine is out until the end of the month if you wanted to check it out!

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  1. Teddy bears are amazing for children! They can give them selves a friend that is there at all times. My favorite kind are the Christmas Teddy Bears.