Play Moment Monday

If you look closely at where a child has been playing, you might be lucky enough to see what has really been going on. You might see something well thought out or extremely imaginative, maybe an example of caring and nurturing or something so creative and innovative it makes you laugh out loud.

When I see these things, I love to take a moment and reflect on the power and beauty of play. If I'm lucky enough to have a camera nearby, I'll take a photo too. I like to think of these photos as capturing a "Play Moment" and I've shared these on my blog many times.

Most of these moments have been play scenes or things I've discovered when packing away at the end of a long day. What may seem like a jumbled mess of random objects can be a real insight into the power of play and how a child's mind works.

Remember when Em had her "Littlest Pet Shop" toys crowded around the TV in a lounge room she had put together?

Or when Ed covered all his cars neatly in a blanket for rest time?

Or when both Em and Ed had been playing babies and had carefully thought of all the things they would need to keep the babies happy?

These moments show care and empathy and thoughtfulness at work. They also show the power of memory, organisation and an attempt to make sense of how our word works. For me, these little moments really capture why play is so lovely and important and should be valued and celebrated. Kid's are totally in the moment when they play and I don't think there's another time they are more truly themselves.

I'm devoting Mondays to sharing Play Moments and why they're valuable and important. Would you like to share your special Play Moments on Mondays too?

Just take a photo and write a post about a little play moment you've discovered that makes you go "Awwwww!" and include it in the link-up below. Don't forget to write about why it's a special moment for you. I look forward to discovering your favourite moments too ....


  1. I just love these photos and how they show the thoughtfulness and intention behind the play.