Play Moment Monday: Learning about "Behaveya"

A corner of our lounge room has been a "school" since Em started prep way back in 2009.

I couldn't resist snapping this photo. It shows just how valuable this school area has been in helping my Em process what happens in her school day.

She was teaching her soft toy pets with help from Ed and, obviously, they were having a lesson on behaviour. Playing out this scenario puts Em in charge of what "behaveya" is expected of her pupils at this home school, rather than Em having to conform to what is expected of her at her school.

In doing this it helps her to process school rules and expectations. Because the shoe's on the other foot and she is the teacher, she can now see how 'behaviour' might effect her classroom.

I love her reflections on what behaviour means and how she has drawn it in an easy to read diagram for her furry pupils. I also love the fact that she has said it means "doing what you're asked as long as it's safe". It shows that in her mind, you don't just blindly comply with what's expected of you, you have to actively reflect on whether it's the right thing for you to do. I don't think I would have had the same insight at almost 8.

Do you have a play moment to share, I hope so .....

If you do, snap a photo of your favourite play moment, write a short post about it and leave the URL in the link list below. I would love to come and have a read about the wonderful learning going on at your house.

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