Play Moment Monday: Times Gone By

My moment today is actually from a long time ago now. It's the first time my kids dressed up together. Em was 4 years old and Ed was around 20 months. I was in the kitchen, busy doing kitcheny things when the two of them appeared at the door with these lovely grins on their faces. They'd been raiding the dress up box together for the first time. Seeing them like this was my first glimpse into the wonderful playmates they would become. It also shows how imaginative and resourceful and capable even young children can be when they have great materials available all the time. They've even thought through details like Em's headband and wings and Ed's stethoscope and doctor's bag.

I'm devoting Mondays to sharing play moments and why they're valuable and important. Would you like to share your special play moments on Mondays too? I would love to see them. Here's what to do.

1. Take a photo from a 'moment' at your house that shows just how clever and resourceful and creative and lovely kids can be when they're involved in play.

2. Write a post about the moment and link it back to me

3. Include your details in the link below and add yourself to the list.

4. Leave me a comment so I know to look for you.

Let's celebrate play!

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