Fun With A Lid

I just love listening to how the kids are playing and thinking of ways I can build on what they’re doing.

Ed loves to set up a little house for his teddy Yarji. Recently, he had put together the highchair, potty, microwave and stroller to play house when I suggested he use a little swing we have to give Yarji a back yard. He was keen to set this up and so I started to think about ways I could incorporate a slide.

I grabbed a lid I had to a large plastic container and propped it up against a dining room chair. This made a perfect slide for Yarj.

After Yarj had a few turns, Ed ran off to get some cars to drive down the slide too

Then Yarj’s turtle friend “came over” in his tissue-box car and had a go playing in Yarji’s backyard too.

Making ramps like this is a great way to keep kids interested and busy. It really works cognitive skills as kids experiment, anticipate and recall how each toy and item behaves as it travels down the ramp. It’s generally something they’re happy to use over and over and over again.

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  1. I took Immy for her first gymnastics class this morning and there were two foam ramps, one for somersaults and the other for pencil rolls. This afternoon, Immy pulled a floor rug over to a large cardboard box in an attempt to make a ramp to roll down! It was such a clever idea.

  2. Very clever indeed. Ramps are so fascinating. We've been having loads more fun with ramps since this post. I hope to write about it this week.