Keeping it Simple

I read an article today (and the many comments afterwards) that reminded me of how simple a happy life can be. It’s so easy to try to complicate things with career aspirations, mortgages, a constant barrage of info from the media on how to look better, feel better, have more and do more …

When it comes to kids, they need very little to be happy

  • lots of sleep
  • good, nutritious food served at meals spent with loved ones
  • lots of love and hugs and kisses and smiles
  • someone who listens to them and values what they have to say and do
  • simple toys and materials that encourage creativity, exploration, investigation and imagination
  • a place to feel safe and secure
  • music, books, songs and silly games

I don’t think adults are too different.

It makes you wonder how things got so complicated ……………….

What simple things make you and your little one happy?


  1. Just hanging out together, sitting side by side or walking to the park holding hands. Interesting link article and that so many people responded. I did a short post What makes us happy?
    My best memories as a child were just sitting on the fence with my grandad

  2. Thanks Lesley. I think for most of us our best childhood memories are doing simple activities or spending time with loved ones. I bet some of your Grandad's best times were sitting on the fence with you.

    Belinda x

  3. So true Belinda - needed to hear it again though!

  4. Thanks Nicole. I think we all need to be reminded of this every now and then - I know I do.