The Animals have Escaped the Ice

Well, the animals were thawed out of their icy prison today. As predicted, there were lots of questions, many lovely little giggles but thankfully, not too much mess.

We got the ice block out this morning at breakfast time and the conversation went a little like this:
Me: "Look Ed, here's the animals we put in the freezer"
Ed: "But how will I play with them now?"
Me: "They've frozen in the ice haven't they? Can you remember what they were in when we put them in the freezer?"
Ed: "No"
Me: "They were in water weren't they. Can you remember what animals we put in there?"
Ed: "A pig, a sheep and a dinosaur"
Me: "Is that one a dinosaur?"
Ed: "No, it's a COW! (giggle, giggle)"
Me: "How do you think we can get them out?"
Ed: "I dunno"
Me: "What if we leave the ice in this bucket, what will happen"
Ed: (giggle with anticipation) "I dunno"
Me: "Do you think the ice will melt?"
Ed: "Yeah it will melt. Ice cream melts mum" (Hooray, this is all starting to make sense)
Me: (very excited) "That's right, the ice melts like ice cream does and then what will the ice turn into?"
Ed: "Water, then I can play with the animals again" (I think the penny has dropped)

We've watched it melting all day and it's almost all thawed out. the animals are free (and are being played with as i write), there is only a tiny bit of ice left in the bucket and best of all, my boy is a little wiser about the workings of the world!

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