Outdoor Imaginative Play Segment

My final segment in the series went to air yesterday - Imaginative Outdoor Play. I love to set up little play scenes for my kids. I find taking just 10 minutes to set up something to inspire their imagination can result in hours of play time - which means a couple of hours to myself - definitely worth the effort.

My girl loves fairies and setting up a tea party is great fun. We always add some fairies or dolls, a small porcelain tea set i bought from KMart for a couple of dollars, some glass stones to act as food, some plastic animals from the $2 shop and some sweet little placemats and pieces of material i pick up from second-hand shops. Em always includes leaves and twigs and dirt she finds in the gardens and Ed's trains and cars usually make an appearance to, but they always have great fun with this activity.

The roadways are a favourite that sometimes even find their way inside. I use those painted planks of wood as roads, ramps and bridges. Ed loves to "brrm" his cars along them and his getting to the age now where he can move things around himself. The plumber's pipe is great to use as a tunnel. We sometimes put these into containers of sand too.

My kids always go crazy for a cubby house, so i had the idea of making one using the clothesline. Instead of using my sheets, i bought some from the op-shop for just 50c each. These are my play sheets now, we use them for lots of different things and i don't need to worry about them getting ruined. We literally just pegged the sheets to the line to create different rooms and took out some teddies, pillows, blankets and food. The kids enjoyed having a picnic out there after a busy morning of filming.

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