Thomas Town

My boy just loves Thomas the Tank Engine, but what 2 year old doesn't?? One of his favourite things to do is to "chuff his trains" (as he likes to call it).

With his big sister heading off to school, he's been a little lost (and wanting his mum to play with him ALL the time!)so in an attempt to keep him busy last week, I set up "Thomas Town" in my lounge room. We used the coffee table to set up the tracks for chuffing. I put a small table alongside the coffee table where we put his wooden garage to act as the "fixing sheds". We put a doll's house on the ground just a little way from the action so that the trains could go home to bed and used his other plastic garage as a bit of a playground (it has a long curly "slide"). I added some buttons as cargo that the trains could transport around and pieces of material as blankets for when they went to bed. You should have heard the squeals of delight as we set it all up!!

After taking these photos, Ed got out his sister's toy camera and got all his trains involved in a photo shoot too.

He had so much fun with this and it lasted the whole week. Sure, we had to shuffle Thomas Town around at the end of the evening to find enough room to watch TV, but the hours of uninterrupted play time made it very worthwhile!!

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