Ice Magic

Ed asked me the other day why I was putting water into ice cube trays. When i explained to him that i was putting the water into the freezer, he asked why i was putting water where the ice needed to go.

When Em was small, I was quite aware of her need to learn about new things and the fact that she didn't (and couldn't) know about things she hadn't experienced yet. I often find myself forgetting this with Ed. It's like I kind of assume that because Em knows things, he should automatically know them as well.

In an attempt to give Ed some of the same experiences I gave Em and to let him discover things about the world for himself, I've set up a little experiment for him that I've done with many of my Kinder kids over the years.

We got a small strawberry punnet without any holes in the bottom and added 3 of our plastic farm animals. Then I 3/4 filled it with water. Ed played for them in the water for a little while, then he helped me put them into the freezer.

When we pull the container out tomorrow, he will see the animals set in ice and then I'll put the animal ice block into a large plastic container so he can watch the ice melt and the animals thaw out and have a better understanding of how the freezer works and what water can do. I'm preparing for lots of questions, quite a few giggles and squeals of delight and probably a little mess, but all in the name of knowledge and good fun!!

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